Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Find from TJ Maxx!

This past weekend was pretty warm here in Nashville! On Saturday, morning I went to some garage sales in the Hillsboro Village and Sylvan Park areas of Nashville...I found a few small things such as a small shabby chic iron shelf (perfect for a cute half bath!!) and two iron candelabras that I am "freshening up" with some white paint.

I also went to TJ Maxx to return a picture frame and stumbled upon this upholstered chair!

It was out of place and when I saw the little red sticker on it (indicating it was on clearance) I looked at the price...49.00....so it was sold in my mind!! It was a bit cumbersome to carry, but it got into my car absolutely perfectly!

The chair matches our family room and I have a desk in there, which I think it will work well with! In addition, I will be working on making a white slipcover for our sofa and this new chair will go with my color scheme very well!

I have also been wanting to work on my picture taking abilities...since my pictures never look very good! So I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy some background fabric for my pictures of my found and refreshed items! I totally lucked out that Jo-Ann was having a 50% off sale!

We have a carport here and it is the perfect place to hang a roll of fabric as a backdrop so I can use natural light to take my pictures. I just have velcro on the end of the fabric and then the other piece of velcro under the top of the carport....so it works wonderfully! I was very impressed with my engineering prowess and that I did not have to ask Robert for help with this one!

So I have the blue fabric all ready to go and I used this backdrop for the pictures today. I also have a muted coral/pink color waiting to get the velcro attached...I ran out of velcro so that will be next week!

I will leave you with a "close up" of Tuffy on the chair...he was just begging to be let outside and put in the photo shoot! He is so darn cute looking out at me from the french doors...I could not help but let him be involved....he does love being the center of attention!

Take Care,