Friday, June 19, 2009

My Shoppe!

                                               Image: Ruthie Sommers via Patricia Gray's blog

Or booth at an antique store at this moment, but I can always dream!

I recently found the picture above on Patricia Gray's blog and it is of Ruthie Sommers show room at one time...I just loved it and it has inspired me with my booth! So I am off today to paint the walls and re-arrange everything. Currently, the walls are a very very very light blue, which I have not been so fond of....I am not going pink, but will have a picture hopefully on Monday of what it looks like after this weekend. So excited!

I also love love the crisp white furniture in the picture above and it is exactly what I like to to do with my "tossed away" finds! And the fabrics....wonderful colors...modern, but classic it!

I will leave you all with a picture of Tuffy on some of my "freshened up" tossed away chairs. Oh, some people have asked what breed Tuffy is....he is a West Highland Terrier...I would definitely recommend this loyal, smart, loving with a little bit of stubborn mixed in...and oh so cute!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Take care,