Monday, February 23, 2009


So Tuffy had his picture taken last weekend for the Caroline's Lost and Found website, which will be up soon. He was actually well behaved for this shoot that Robert (my husband) helped out with. Tuffy sometimes will not smile when he is having pictures taken of him (but he still revels in the attention), but Robert's new camera takes a lot of pictures in a row and we caught a partial smile! Yea!!

Tuffy was groomed the day before at Miss Kitty's Bed and Bath...he is normally not this white and was practically carried outside and placed on the ground to go to the bathroom before the shoot so he would not get dirty...he is all terrier! Anyway, he was glad when it was over (he regained his outdoor freedom) and I am very happy that the picture turned out well!

This past weekend I went to an Antique Show with some friends at the TN State Fairgrounds. It was so nice to see all of the antiques and dealers. I did have some "sticker shock" but it was neat to see what things I should be looking for when I am out and about...I guess I can call that "junking" or maybe going to the "brocante" or going "brocant-ing" since I understand brocante to be "junk shop/second hand market/flea market" in french. I may be completely wrong, but thought it sounded unique!

Anyway, it has been an exciting weekend. I am actually now working on an old door to a china cabinet (c. 1940's). I had already taken off the door since it had lost the glass in it. The china cabinet looked great without the door and I painted it and sold the china cabinet already. So now I am painting this door frame and trying to make a fabric covered bulletin board out of it...I hope to have that posted next!