Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday Finds!

Yesterday (Friday), I went out early to catch some garage sales here in Nashville. The last 2 weekends have been full of rain and this Friday was finally rain free-- so I took advantage of it! At the tail end of the morning I ran by our monthly flea market....and I found some great finds almost everywhere I went!

As you can see in the pictures, it was quite a "white" theme! I absolutely love milk glass (and white glass) objects...I am just drawn to them!

So at one garage sale/estate sale...I found gobs of milk glass. I put it in my box and was just fretting about how much the owner was going to charge me for them (I think it was the daughter of the owner). I knew I was giving myself away since all I had in my box, was like 6 pieces of milk glass including a huge milk glass bowl, a rectangular milk glass planter, a couple milk glass bud vases and such-- I thought she was going to charge me since it looked like I was going after this stuff. Anyway, when I showed it to her she hesitated (and I worried) and then she quoted a really low price for each item....I looked at her like she was joking (I do not have a good "poker face") and said "perfect!" And promptly paid and left. At the next garage sale I went to they had some milk glass bud vases, so I picked them up and a cute plate with roses on it. Then I headed to the big and overwhelming flea market at the Tennessee State Fair Grounds.

This is where I found this delightful white painted iron plant/candle holder...I love it!! I took pics of it with candles, a flower and with my new milk glass...just having fun with it!

I also bought two shabby chic painted white chairs--- that are the same size, but different structure-- so they look great together, but not too matchy- matchy! I haggled a bit and she dropped the price, which was nice! The only "non-white" find was a lone drawer I bought...I have seen how people have turned lone drawers into storage by putting wheels on the bottom of them so they can slide under a bed. I will most likely be painting it white-- go figure-- unless I am inspired by another color-- and will attach some old wheels that I have from an antique dresser (which was on wheels...for some reason) and will try this little storage idea out!

Due to my success yesterday...I will be staying away from garage sales today and will just work on "freshening" up some of the things I already have...and also running by Gas Lamp to "freshen" up the booth for Memorial Day Weekend!

Take care,