Monday, June 8, 2009

Social Inspiration: Philanthropist Boutique

So as we were traveling this weekend to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for my brother's wedding...I bought the latest Town & Country magazine when we were in the airport.
This was the Special Philanthropy Issue of Town & Country and had a wonderful article about a new boutique in San Francisco named Philanthropist Boutique, which gives back 100 % of its profits (after operational costs) to the community. Every 3 months, they take this money and give it to a charity-- which focuses on poverty. What a wonderful idea!!

This totally inspired me since I just started my little antique/vintage chic booth at Gas Lamp Antiques and have been wanting to use my abilities to further a non profit cause close to my heart (which is usually always child health care issues due to my background as a pediatric nurse practitioner).  

So now I am fixated on creating Caroline's Lost and Found as a not-for-profit organization that will give 100 % of my profits (after operational costs) to a very deserving child health care cause here in Nashville!

My lawyer of a husband will not know what hit him in a second when I tell him my plans...but I have actually already run my plan by him during the long flight to Pennsylvania and he seemed to be very interested in helping me out with all the legal things, which I would just get lost in! 

I am so very excited about this new mission/calling and can't wait to start the building process and see where it all goes!

Also, since I just finished being a bridesmaid, I just wanted to pass on my favorite thing to do with a bridesmaid dress...I donate it to the local high school for the next prom/ they have some free dresses to give out to those girls who cannot afford to buy one.  What a wonderful thing to do with an absolutely beautiful dress that I know I will never wear again!

Take care,