Monday, June 22, 2009

My Shoppe: Re-Do

So this is no Ruthie Sommers'....but her showroom photo (see below right) definitely inspired me to improve my booth "look"! 
I have posted some pictures of my booth and am very happy - especially due to what I had to work with. 

First of all, I painted the walls a blue color, which is actually called Birds Egg by Benjamin Moore, which I found in an article in Southern Accents.  

After painting the booth, I still had an issue with it!  And most of the discontent revolved around the "beautiful" peg board that I have as one of my side walls (not my choice, it was there and cannot go anywhere) I thought, maybe hanging up drapes to hide it??

So I was off on a search for drapes!  I started at Calico Corners because sometimes they have some great sales if they have a few pre-made drapes left over...but nothing was there!

So I was then off to The Fabric House on Sidco Drive...and decided to pop into Another Time 
Another Place, which is right next to The Fabric House.

Another Time Another Place is a home decor consignment store, but to me their main inventory is consigned drapes...they have a huge selection!  So I found 3 that I thought would work, but chose the pair cost next to nothing, but they are lined, interlined...and so forth-- so they are very nicely made and look it!

I know that I need to get a steamer to get those wrinkles out, but please just look past that in the picture until I can get there with a steamer this week!

I think it helps the colors pop a little bit more and gives the booth a little bit more of a "look."  Of course, I am one of those that is never completely satisfied...especially when you look at showroom pictures in magazines, which are so so much nicer!

But all I have to work with is my little 5x7 booth, peg board wall and my inventory....and I am happy for now!  But I will continue to change and improve...hopefully!

This is a pic of one of my milk 
glass pieces and I put my new business cards in it!

A cute little vintage metal shelf! And the oh so beautiful peg board...the one part of it that I was unable to cover.

A Homer Laughlin platter that I have hanging....

One of my cute two aqua chairs that I already posted is holding two of my painted vintage metal mirrored trays.

I love finding these mirrored trays and painting them can hold drinks on them, hang them in a  grouping or use them as they were made to be used on a dresser...but I love love them in white!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!  

Take care,