Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Freshening- up!

So I have decided to "freshen- up" my store 
and little blog 
to reflect what I have 
for it...
I will be on a little break 
to put this all 

Take care,

Friday, July 24, 2009

A little touch of whimsy!

Romantic Country
(Please disregard the quality of the scan...I just loved it so much, I had to include it!)

So every once in a while...
you need a little whimsical touch!

So I just loved these pics...
especially on a Friday


I would love to have
such a
happy collection
of colorful items
to look at
when you need
that little
touch of whimsy!

I may go out to sales
this weekend...
and start a
bedside table collection...

and create something
like the pic below,

which I just

Take care, 

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Heather Chadduck's livingroom via The Find

This picture really caught my eye...

it is a fireplace decorated with
oyster shells!

Luckily, I read on
and they were cleaned very well
and then were dried out under the sun
for several days....
to get rid of the odor!

But don't they look great??
The idea is so perfect and so "green"!

Take care,


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I am very excited to announce...

Which I have the wonderful opportunity to Co- chair!

Twice is Nice is the Inaugural Junior League Rummage Sale
which will be continued for years to come!

It will raise money for the Junior League's causes...
and also will be
wonderful for the community,
as a place to find gently used goods
at a low price!

Oh, of course...it will be the
perfect place to search for
those "finds" too!

My co chair and I are looking forward
to Spring 2010...when Twice is Nice
will debut here in

Take care,

Monday, July 20, 2009

My favorite house...

Since I saw this home
I have loved it!

So colorful...
such a wonderful mix
of new and old...

and it gives off such a
happy and lighthearted feel!

Please sit back and peruse the
beautiful pictures...

and I hope
you all enjoy the house

as much as I do!

Take care,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Morning!

Traditional Home

...and wake up!

This picture is not of my
West Highland Terrier...


it is so reminiscent of every morning

I also adore the absolutely beautiful

I hope everyone has a


fabulous weekend!!

Take care,


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Simply Elegant

I love....

the simple tin can

mixed with the



so simple, yet so elegant!

Take care,


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lunch anyone?

Romantic Country

I hope everyone has a wonderfully colorful Wednesday


is able to sit outside and enjoy!

Take care,


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lingering Lattice!


the use of painted lattice

in the garden!

Lattice gives such a light,

but established feeling

to a garden or yard….



so easy to do!

Traditional Home

These pictures are

inspiring me

to bring

colorful lattice

into my side yard

as a

focal point!


my husband and I

are taking


on his evening walk


walk by some 

beautiful homes and gardens…

and I look


at the gardens...


wonder out loud

how they do it?

My husband then tells me 

that it just takes 

a little work every day….

I am a bit 



I am going to make an attempt...

a little bit 

each day!

I also found

how you can

bring lattice

 into your house…

how fun

and delightful!

May have to try this one day!

Southern Accents

Take care,


Monday, July 13, 2009

Lovely Lace and other little touches...

I love mixing in a little lace

with my

decorating and fashion sometimes…

If used as a 

small accent,

it adds an element of 

depth and delicacy


puts a wonderful touch of


on modern d├ęcor.

This past weekend

I found this 

beautiful vintage 

lace tablecloth,

which I was going to put in my booth


thought it just looked too perfect

on our breakfast room table!



can be used in a 

small accent pillow....

My Romantic Home Blog


on some 


hanging on a hook....

My Romantic Home Blog

I used


in my wedding...

on my 

wedding dress 

by Monique Lhuillier…

which worked out 


for me 

since I wanted 

an elegant outdoor dinner party 

as the feel 

for my reception 

and I thought 

the touch of lace 

added to that atmosphere.....


"little touches" 

I have seen is to.....

Village House


a needlepoint pillow 

to a

 dark chocolate brown 

modern leather sofa


Em's Heart


antique monogrammed linen napkins 

on a more 

"modish" dining room table.....


Southern Accents


 lovely calling cards

 sitting on the entry table...

I just love these little touches!

Take care,


Friday, July 10, 2009

Wonderful Finds!

What a wonderful estate sale I went to on Wednesday! It actually was an antique dealer who was just trying to downsize their inventory, but fine with me! 

There was a lot of iron pieces, antique ceiling tin, ironstone and other eclectic/shabby chic items...and I just loved it!  His larger pieces had some wonderfully low prices, but the smaller items were a bit pricey...so I got a few good pieces!  

Below are pictures of some of my favorite items he had....I wish I could have taken them all!

A perfectly shabby old steering wheel from a boat! I thought this would be perfect for a beach home or a family room.

I have seen an idea in House Beautiful where the designer actually used an iron urn/planter as a base to hold the Christmas tree...I passed on these, but I am on the look out- because I love that idea!

Such a cute tin bird feeder!

This patio furniture is a bit too rusty for me, but if it is freshened up with some paint...it would look so nice on a porch!

An old saddle...

An iron side table...lovely design!

A street sign...actually the name of a road near to where I live!

I would love to have this vintage bike...to ride to the pool or to the tennis courts!

Lovely iron patio furniture!

Iron wreath....a friend of mine told me that I could use this as a frame...great idea!

Old pieces of iron, which could be made into planters...too long for my house, but for a large old home...perfect!

Loved the cherubs on the side!

More lovely iron patio furniture!

Loved these iron busts...but the seller was asking way too much...so I settled on a picture!

Another iron side table...

Loved this iron bench seat....could totally see it in a garden!

Can't you just see this organizing your ribbon...or with flowers overflowing!

Loved this so much (and was at a great price)...I bought it!

Loved these old doors (not priced low enough), but could totally see these painted white!

Old ironstone...look at the scalloped edges!

I have been on the look out for an old iron fireplace screen-- I passed on this one since I would like to find one already white.

Now onto what I actually bought:

Love the color and has such a great patina!!

I love old ceiling tin made into wall panels...so I bought 2...they actually sell really well in my booth!

I had a problem taking a picture of the mirror so here is the back...it is a light yellow color on the front...distressed with age....and very large!

It has been so wonderful keeping up with all of your blogs...
this is a new adventure for me and I have really enjoyed it! 

Another blog I recently found through a friend is Fresh Vintage- she has beautiful pictures of her finds, gives wonderful descriptions of them and the blog is lovely! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend 
and if you are going "junking" or just relaxing this weekend...have fun!

Take care,