Monday, May 11, 2009

Tin Cans and Steeplechase!

So here in Nashville we have the Iroqouis Steeplechase, which to my Charlottesville friends, is very similar to Foxfield. So to prepare everyone for the day- long party, the Junior League hosted "How to put on the Best Steeplechase Tailgate" Cooking Class, which I helped to put on with a friend. We had so much fun! One aspect of it was our centerpieces, which we used cans and flowers to create. We saved up cans over a couple of months and peeled off the labels and then spray-painted them in an array of delightful colors. We then filled them up with an assortment of flowers from Costco's budget friendly flower section!  

The inspiration came from        
this Country Living picture...and I think ours turned out well...especially due to being on a budget!

So I was inspired to find more delightful ways to use tin cans and found the following:

How to make a tin can vase

This vase was made with birch bark wrapped around the can...such a wonderful idea!

How to make this Tin Can Storage piece

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