Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage Lilly and Linens!

Well I had a new experience!  Early...and I mean early...Saturday morning, I went to a neighborhood garage sale with two friends.  This was at a huge neighborhood in Williamson County, which is outside of Nashville.  I mean this neighborhood (Fieldstone Farms) never ends and I felt lost most of the time!  

The reason I felt lost, is that twice a year they put on a neighborhood garage sale where each family can create a garage sale on their yard and people drive around going to each house that they want we were able to stay in the car and peek at what the house had in their yard (from the car) and if we liked it...we stopped...and if not...we kept driving!   

I got to my friends house...a little late at 6:30 am and we got to the sale a little before 7 am...the sale started at 7 am.  There were Uhauls and large trucks already there...for people to haul away their treasures!

So for whatever reason, I was into buying things Saturday I got a lot...maybe too much!  But there were some great finds.  One was some vintage "His and Her" handmade embroidered linens!  It was just too cute and I got it!  Robert would never have it will go to the booth, but I have a picture now to remember it by.

Then...there was this great vintage Lilly Pulitzer perfect condition!!  My friends found it, but they so nicely let me buy it!  And I just love LP!  And I have nothing vintage Lilly.  I was going to wear it to church on Sunday...but it needs to be tailored a little bit, but I cannot wait until I get to wear it!  

Oh, and my favorite sale shop for Lilly is is the online sale section for C. Orrico (a Lilly Pulitzer store in Palm Beach, FL)-- their Lilly shoes are really marked down!

Otherwise, some other things I got were two old iron tables for next to nothing...they just need glass for the top...but otherwise have a great patina to them!!  I have the smaller one pictured below...I am currently looking for a glass store here in Nashville....

There were many other things that I bought...but I think I am just going to end it here.  It was a very fun day and I cannot wait until the fall when Fieldstone Farms has their next neighborhood garage sale!