Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Inspiration!

So I have not been updating my blog recently and have sort of lost some of my inspiration with it.   Two things happened this week, which have re-inspired me!  

First of all, a friend sent me several wonderful blogs which she follows of other women who like  "old treasures" like me!  Also, another good friend informed me that she was starting a blog about what she and her husband are up to! 

So I feel re-inspired now and started to take pics of what I am working on for my antique booth and what we have been working on around the house, which I will share!

First of all, my next project for my booth is this wonderful old wood chest of drawers (the drawers are not in it right now).  The chest has a sticker on the back, which states that it is from a Memphis furniture company.  I bought it at a garage sale a few months ago and have gone ahead and sanded it (well my husband Robert sanded it) and it is ready to be painted! It had a really ugly brown paint on it...and it was so hard to sand it off, so that is why my husband was so nice to help out! I cannot wait to see what it will look like!!  

Then there is a picture of a vase of beautiful blooming lilies in our living room and in the background is an oil painting that my husband and I recently bought from a French artist we found when we were in Paris for our honeymoon.  Her name is Virginia De Zan and she has a website (  I think she just has a very unique painting style and she uses such vibrant colors, which I love!  This painting is called "Ne pas Deranger"...which means "Do not Disturb"....which I guess is not very nice, but I just loved the dog in it and the child's skirt!

The last picture (which is actually the first one at the top, since I have not figured out the best way to get the photos in the order I want them!) is of my grandmother's chair, which my mother had recovered.  I have placed two needlepoint pillows on it...the larger blue one...I found on craigslist and the smaller one with a Westie on it (of course)...Robert and I found in Paris.  I could not pass it up!

I hope you all will find this blog enjoyable!  I also am starting up an online store (in addition to my little booth at Gas Lamp Antiques in Nashville), which I hope will be up very soon and will share that as it comes along!  Take care....