Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Inspiration

My inspiration for starting Caroline's Lost and Found came from my mother.

When I was in college she found the chairs in the picture above, but they were painted a horrible color and the seats were dirty white leather. She loved the shape of the chairs, so she sanded & painted the chairs. We then went and searched for the perfect fabric and she reupholstered the seats.

My mother also had the wonderful idea to find a black iron base from an old sewing machine and paint it white. She then found a decorative panel to place on top and then over that she placed a heavy piece of beveled glass to make a great tabletop. Since college, I have continued to use my kitchen table and chairs and it is currently in my breakfast room today!

Growing up, I also went with my mother to estate sales. She taught me the art of finding a good deal and I have put all of this together to create Caroline's Lost and Found. I enjoy shopping, finding great bargains and "freshening" them up for a delightfully new purpose!